• Marvel Movie Marathon – possible spoilers (continued)

    Iron Man 2 (2010)

    I noticed that my sons, particularly the youngest, talk a lot…A LOT…during movies.  I decided to capture everything he said throughout Iron Man 2 including the end credit scene.

    Is this when it comes back to haunt him?
    Who’s that?
    Is that Mandarin?
    Wasn’t that the guy he was facing on the first movie?
    He’s building a miniature arc reactor.
    What’s he going to do with that miniature arc reactor?
    Why does it say blood toxicity ?
    Was that a Captain America badge?
    Who’s Anthony?
    Why is his name Anthony?
    Different guy playing him.
    Who’s that guy?
    Oh that guy.
    That guy.
    He’s mean to them.
    He’s turning into a circuit board.
    Who’s the guy who gave him the knowledge?
    Dad, do you know?
    What’s that?
    He thinks he’s a teacher but he always loses.
    Why did he say he wants one?
    I want one.
    Why is he in that suit?
    She’s just looking haha
    Why did he chuck it?
    So he has an industry’s…
    Hammer industry..
    Only… Support it
    Why does that guy want to kill Tony Stark?
    Shell…. Noooooooooooooooooooo
    Why did they have to kill Shell?
    Poor drivers.
    Green driver.
    Oh no.
    What happened to green?
    How is he staying alive?
    How is he alive?
    Who was that?
    Is that guy the guy that made the thing?
    Ugh he pooped his pants.
    She didn’t say anything about an after party.
    Tony’s drunk.
    Haha exit the donut.
    Haha you’re fired.
    How did he make it?
    Is it Thor?
    He’s making something?
    Is he making a tessaract?
    He’s making a mini tessaract.
    Haha he is.
    Look at the destruction.
    It looks like a mini tessaract.
    Is it.
    He’s making what Tony made.
    How does he know everything Tony is doing?
    What was that?
    OK that was cool.
    So he needs to put new things in.
    Well guess what it’s his fault. He shouldn’t have taken the bad guy out of prison.
    I’m going to bust his bunker with the ex wife haha
    He was lying because no one would buy it.
    He DEAD.
    His gun is blown up.
    The mini gun was blown up.
    Then they find out there’s a bunch there.
    Who’s that?
    Highway to…
    Highway to…
    This sounds like the Captain America thing.
    So like I wonder what would happen if I chuck it off the edge of Asgard.

    As you can see the boy can talk and ask questions.  I only recorded his side of the dialogue otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to watch the movie!


    The Incredible Hulk (2008)

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