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    So, I have to renew my driver’s license (licence for the Aussie folk) and I was looking at it a bit bleary eyed this morning, trying to figure it out if I can just send it in or do I have to go through the ordeal of having another crappy picture taken.

    And then I saw the health questions.

    I'm giddy
    (Ignore the blurriness. It looked perfectly normal to me this morning, half-asleep!)

    So what exactly is a giddy attack? I know what giddy is and I know what attack is, but I haven’t heard “giddy attack” used by anyone in this century. So by my definition I may not be able to renew my license due to my frequent bouts of excitability and giggles, like when I’m driving along and I see something funny or awesome, I may laugh uncontrollably and cause a six car pile up. Imagine that conversation with the police officer.

    Police: how many drinks have you had?
    Me: none, sir. I was just laughing because it looked like that chihuahua was driving that car because he was sitting on the driver’s lap.
    Police: do you mean to tell me that you knowingly endangered the life of that sweet dog and these other people by operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a giddy?

    Unfortunately, Google ruined this and told me that a giddy attack is the same as a dizzy spell. Google is a buzz kill.

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