• Rogue One review (spoilers) from a middle of the road fan

    I was a Star Wars virgin until a few years after MJ and I were married.  And even then, I watched with vague interest. Since LJ (and then CJ) were at a decent age to sit through Star Wars, I have seen all the episodes over a dozen times. And with each viewing, the interest grew more and more to the point where I could recall some lines and use them on the spot when necessary.  While I may not be the ultimate Star Wars fan, I can hold my own when it comes to Star Wars trivia so I consider myself a middle of the road fan.

    Then the hype of The Force Awakens started and I grew impatient for Episode VII to be released.  We invited some friends along and made it into a big thing.  And I loved it.  Even when we went with other friends to see it the second time in the cinema, it was awesome!

    This year, the hype for Rogue One began early.  The boys and I were eagerly awaiting the latest installment – wondering how Jyn would fit in the Star Wars universe.

    We bought our tickets a few weeks ago and decided to keep this viewing low key with only inviting one friend along. Today we went to see it.  When “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” popped up on screen, there was excitement in the air despite the half empty cinema compared to the packed one last year for The Force Awakens.

    The story was straightforward.  Jyn was on a mission to redeem her father by fulfilling his dying wish.  She was going to get the Death Star plans no matter whether alone or with the Rebel Alliance.

    There weren’t any reveals.  No hidden motives.  No surprises.

    There, also, weren’t many squee moments.  The most memorable ones were:

    • Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa) cameos.
    • Some throwback lines such as “I have a bad feeling about this”.
    • Darth Vader!
    • Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin) and Princess Leia’s amazing appearances.
    • R2D2 and C3PO’s brief cameo.

    Once again, a droid wins the hearts of the audience with a sarcastic and witty K-2SO!  I wouldn’t mind having him as my companion in my epic adventures.

    In short, the movie didn’t live up to its hype.  My youngest son said it best.  He said that Rogue One was the saddest movie ever and that it was good but not great.  And he was right.  It is the saddest (emotionally) movie in the franchise and the movie was a good Star Wars movie.  It was entertaining and enjoyable to watch but it wasn’t a GREAT movie like its original counterparts where you would want to watch it over and over again and with each viewing fall in love with it a bit more.

    Having said that, I can’t wait for Episode VIII next year but we’ll probably just go as a family with no extras, at least, for the first viewing!


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