• I’m hungry

    It’s shortly after lunchtime right now and I made the family a nice healthy lightly toasted wrap with ham, turkey, shredded cheese, avocado slices, and a bit of mayo. I’ve done it many times before back home and it’s always filled my belly but right now it seems to have just been an appetizer and I’m still hungry. It might be because I haven’t been eating as much since we arrived.

    The food tastes differently here for some reason. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or there’s a lot of bland food in Australia. I grew up with a lot of Spanish spices (i.e. Adobo) that we put practically on everything plus since I got married I experimented with my culinary skills and created some recipes that could give Rachel Ray a run for her money.

    Then the move started and I was too busy to cook and we depended a lot on eating out (I have 30 extra pounds to prove it that I can’t blame completely on LJ). And we became regulars at Chilis, Chevy’s, Qdoba, Fuddruckers, Applebees, several NJ Diners, and lots of other smaller places known only to NJ natives!

    Fries with gravy

    At the moment, I’m so missing Romeo’s – a local pizza place that I had been going to since I was about 15 years old or Hot Grill – another childhood place that sells delicious, mouth-watering coronaries called a cheeseburger with gravy and fries with cheese & gravy or Banana King where I could get a yummy strawberry & banana smoothie and an empanada de pollo. Ugh, I never thought I would miss food so much – especially calorie & cholesterol packed fast food – but I do. I miss fries. Yes they’re fries here, oh wait, correction, they’re chips here, but I want NJ fries…disco fries! I want food that has a bit of a kick. Food that you eat and you remember whether through heartburn or through that incredible mini-orgasm you had when you took that first bite. I want food with flavor.

    I know I’m being hard on the Australian cuisine but I’m going through grease withdrawal at the moment. For 6 months, we lived on fast food to the point that we would kid and say that LJ was going to grow up thinking that all dinners had to be served to you by a waitress with a nifty uniform and that he would demand his Nan & Pop to wrap up his leftovers in a doggie-bag to take home for the next day. So it may take another 6 months to get all the grease out of my system before I can truly stop missing the food back home and give Australian cuisine a chance. Hey, you never know, maybe in 6 months I can drop those extra 30 lbs of excess fries, gravy, and burgers!

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    • MamaKris says:

      Hi Y, this is the first time I’m visiting your blog. I totally hear you about missing food from home. When I lived in Rome for six months the top things everyone missed from the States was Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and U.S. pizza!

      When I was in Australia for my honeymoon I was pleased to see how healthy the local food was (except for the prevalence of meat pies with gravy)! Between music and food, those are the two things that keep me grounded in the place I’m at. Without them I feel like a little piece of groundless dandelion fluff.

    • Y says:

      Hey there! Thanks for visiting!

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one that misses food! I starting to think I was really greedy or something. But I’m happy to report that I am getting used to eating Australian food and the grease withdrawal is not as intense. There are somethings I will forever miss such as real Spanish food – not just corn, cheese, and avocados thrown together and then called Mexican food. And I will miss the taste of American cheddar cheese. They have cheddar cheese here but for some reason it leaves an aftertaste in my mouth that I just can’t stand. The only place that has traditional American cheddar is at Subway so when I get homesick I will be getting a ham, turkey, and double cheese sub 🙂

      Oh and as for those meat pies – hubby and son are ADDICTED to them! My son who is a picky eater for some reason loves those things. I’m not too fond of them except the Potato pie one which is like a Shepherd’s Pie – those are growing on me.

      So I’m not completely a groundless dandelion fluff anymore – sometimes 🙂

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