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    Today is the Queen’s Birthday (or rather the observance of it).  I didn’t work and most businesses are shut except for major stores like Target and Kmart and the cinema and other places like McDonalds, KFC, and Hungry Jacks, just to name some.

    Anyway for dinner we decided to go to a chain pizza place.  (I won’t say the name because it’s not important but it’s all over Australia and it’s not Pizza Hut or Domino’s.) So we go there and order some food and it was very pricey.  It’s only been about the 2nd or 3rd time we’ve been to this place and it’s been like a 10 months gap in between visits so I thought they raised their prices.  As we waited for our food a woman came in and asked to see a menu.  When the menu was handed to her, she was told that holiday pricing applies.  She handed back the menu and left.  This scene with different people repeated itself 3 more times while we waited.  No one wanted to pay holiday pricing.  Shoot, if I had known they were going to charge significantly more than normal because of the holiday I would probably had not gone either. So my question is this…if you CHOOSE to open up on a holiday, why does the customer have to pay extra?  I understand that because it’s a holiday you have to pay your employees more for working on that day, so why don’t you just close up shop on that day or better yet, open but keep your original prices?  Other than myself, only one other person had ordered and paid the increased holiday price while 4 other left.  They lost 4 customers on that day because of their increased prices.  If they had kept their prices the way they were (mind you even without holiday pricing, they’re not cheap), they would have had 4 more sales at least.  I just don’t get it.

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