• The Ball

    About a month ago, MJ came home from work and announced that we had to go to a charity dinner.  While dinner parties always make me a bit nervous because that means I have to actually have small-talk with people I don’t know, I thought sure no problem – what a great way to meet MJ’s coworkers.  Then later on, he told me it was formal attire.  Oh crap!  I have to wear a dress…in the winter…when it’s cold!  I searched and searched and I couldn’t find a nice dress that would be comfortable and warm enough to wear in the winter.  But I did find a nice top and slacks.  Then I received the invitation the day before the ball and realized that this charity dinner was a gala…a ball.  Oh crap!  Will I be too under-dressed??? 

    The night arrived and I wore my nice blouse and slacks and once I accessorized I believe I looked slamming – if I do say so myself.  Luckily, I didn’t make a last minute mad dash to the nearest dress shop because once we got to the event, it wasn’t exactly the picturesque image I had of a “ball”.  It was a big dinner party.  Nothing to be worried about.  I guess they termed it a ball just to sound, well, I don’t know, sound nice and dignified. 

    It was very nice anyway.  We had a good time. 

    The food was decent except for the lamb.  Yuck.  There’s lamb everywhere here.  I hardly ever encountered lamb on the menu in the US but it’s such a staple in Australian cuisine.  I can’t imagine eating lamb.  Too many nursery rhymes with sweet innocent lamb!

    Anyway got sidetracked.  There were several silent auctions and a formal verbal auction.  All proceeds went to a nursing home.  We bid on many things but were outbid on all so we walked away with nothing but at least we boosted up the prices! 

    We left the ball early because we were so tired.  We had a long day of outings with LJ and then we were exhausted by the end of the night.  I didn’t have any glass slippers but I nearly left the ball without any footwear on.  My feet were killing me but it was worth it.  MJ and I had a great night out and we met some nice people.

    Apparently they do it every year so if MJ is still employed at this job, we will be going again and I won’t freak out because I’ll know what to expect.

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