• Strange weather

    This morning I got an email from someone back home complaining that it was snowing. 7 inches (about 18cm) and still falling hard and thick. After reading the email, I got a pang of jealousy while MJ was relieved he wasn’t there. While I don’t LOVE snow, I don’t HATE it either. It can be fun at times. Since I worked in a school, if it snowed a fair bit I wouldn’t have to go to work while MJ still had to because the computer business never takes a day off. Plus I hardly ever had to shovel. When I was single, neighborhood men used to come out to help me (rescuing the damsel in distress)…oh the good ol’ days. Then when I got married, MJ took care of the shoveling. I would go out and try to help but I usually got in the way so I would stay in the car “to warm it up”. Then when LJ came along I had the excuse that I had to play with him in the snow. I suppose if I were in MJ’s position I would end up hating the snow as well but I wasn’t and I’m kinda missing the snow. I never got a chance to pull LJ around in a sled.

    However, the weather here is a bit strange. At the moment here, it’s a bit warm. Not HOT like it gets back home, just warm. It’s summer so it’s warm but in the morning it tends to be so chilly! Today it was the chilliest it’s been in awhile, as if it’s going to snow. I know it’s not going to snow because it just doesn’t snow here but damn I didn’t bring my soft warm bathrobe that I could lounge around in on those chilly days. In the summer, it’s supposed to be hot – all day and nights. Cold mornings are not something I’m familiar with on summer days unless we left the air conditioner on full blast overnight. I suppose I shouldn’t complain as I’m sure the people back home would eagerly take this weather over the snowstorm back home.

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