• For Sale: 42 inch flat panel HDTV (Brand New in Box) for $5.00 with free delivery

    We’re in Australia now and we have a lot of stories to share already but I just wanted to share one more vent regarding our selling before I tell you about the actual move and settling in Australia.

    We had so many mishaps and annoyances when it came to selling our stuff that I can’t even begin writing about them. I can’t believe how many people thought they could get great products for free basically. There were so many nutcases that I actually became scared toward the end and I didn’t want to sell anymore because it just wasn’t worth the ordeal.

    Here are our top 7 favorite weirdos:

    1. eBay – someone actually thought that they had won a 42 inch flat panel HDTV (Brand New in Box) for $5.00 with free delivery when it clearly said STAND FOR 42IN TV (used) for $5.00 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!

    2. eBay – even after putting in big bold letters LOCAL PICKUP ONLY – ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING, people would bid on the auctions and expect shipping.

    3. eBay – NO CASH AT PICKUP – PAYPAL ONLY is apparently not clear enough for people.

    4. Craigslist – people setting up a time and then not showing up.

    5. Craigslist – people wanting delivery (free of course)

    6. Craigslist – a woman wanted us to meet her halfway from her job which would be about 15 miles away from us so she could “look” at a $3 electric carving knife we were selling.

    7. eBay – someone wanting to bid on an item but wanted us to reconsider our no shipping policy because she had to absolutely have it and would pay whatever it took to ship it as long as it wasn’t more than $10! (It was actually $15 and once we gave her the quote, we never heard from her again).

    I’m really glad that it’s all over now and we don’t have to do that again. (I hope)

    But one good thing came out of it…I am totally committed to being a total minimalist. If we don’t need it, we ain’t keeping it.

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