• Butter isn’t just for eating – it’s for rubbing on your head too.

    LJ fell over and bumped his head.  At first I thought it was funny because he was on the floor when he did that so only my son would hurt himself while already playing on a carpeted floor, but he came over so I could kiss his boo boo better and do my traditional Puerto-Rican boo boo chant which my husband finds campy as it is, and I felt his bump.  It was huge!  My little boy had a knot the size of a golf ball on his head – just from falling over on the floor!  MJ questioned if we needed to take him the hospital.  I said as long as he didn’t fall asleep within the next half hour or so he would be fine.  So LJ sat on the couch holding his boo boo while watching TV leaving MJ and me (mostly me) to chuckle about the klutziness in my genes that I have passed down to our children and about home remedies.

    ME: Butter.  Mom always put butter on my head bumps.

    MJ:  What?

    ME:  Yes butter.

    MJ:  That’s ridiculous.

    ME:  Butter or home remedies?

    MJ:  Both.

    ME:  What about corn starch on diaper rashes?

    MJ:  Well that worked.

    ME:  Well see not all my mom’s home remedies are ridiculous.  And just to prove it I shall Google butter on head bumps.

    And sure enough there were lots of entries for butter on head bumps – -with at least one medical site confirming its healing properties!  See my mom was awesome and I didn’t even know it!  I went on to tell him about all the other home remedies my mom would do when I was a kid.

    Toothpaste on burns?  Liquid Jell-O mix for diarrhea?  Black coffee rubbed on your eyes when they were crusted over with pink-eye?  Butter and crushed aspirin on a bruise?  Noxzema for sunburns?

    To my dismay MJ hadn’t heard of any of these!  Not a single one!  Which made me sad.  MJ didn’t fully enjoy his childhood and didn’t get as many scrapes, bumps, and bruises as I did, or his parents weren’t nearly as poor as my mom and they were able to afford to buy proper medications for their children.  Either way, I survived my childhood, something must have worked!  Hopefully my kids fare better and we don’t have to resort to any type of home or store-bought remedy!  But tonight, I did put butter on LJ’s head for good measure.

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