• MJ doesn’t eat dildos

    MJ has been in a mood today. Nothing has been going right on his day off so the long weekend is off to a great start. To cheer him up I let him choose what’s for dinner. He suggested Takeaway (Take out for the American peeps) but he can’t decide what. When he’s down, the doctor (that would be me) prescribes the greasiest of foods so the following is the conversation we had in the kitchen:

    Me: Hmm, what about those dildos you like to eat?
    MJ: I do not eat dildos. Do you mean battered sausages?
    Me: Yea, those. Do you want one of those?
    MJ: Not now, I don’t.

    He did end up having one but was highly offended that I called it that, even though he knew exactly what I was talking about. Well it’s a sausage and it’s covered in batter and deep fried, causing the batter to misshapen a bit. MJ didn’t let me take a picture of it before he ate it and I’m feeling too lazy to look one up. Trust me. Use your imagination.

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    • Allie says:

      I stumbled across your blog and must say I find it very amusing. I’m an Aussie who loves visiting the US and often experiences the Aussie vs US differences when over there. Look forward to more posts from you 🙂

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