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    Quarantine has come and gone in my part of Australia but I’m still working from home. I had thought I would have had time to update the website during quarantine but I didn’t. I was working from home and home-schooling a couple of kids while trying to keep safe and sane. Besides that, my experience with quarantine was quite different than others. I actually enjoyed being home. I was very disappointed to cancel our trip to the US but I still had a job. My kids were happy. And we were all healthy. I know not many could say the same so that’s why I didn’t post during that time.

    I’ve been watching the chaos in the US with the pandemic (and the Black Lives Matter movement – but that’s another post in itself) and I’m so glad we’re in Australia. My sister has been so worried about her kids getting sick. My uncle contracted Covid-19 and recovered. A good friend of mine had the entire family come down with it and now one of their loved ones is gone. While that’s been happening, we have been in our own bubble in Australia. And I’m so thankful.

    We’ve had the good fortune to do some limited traveling after the restrictions within our state lifted and I’m going to post some photos in some future posts. I do so to show you that just because you can’t travel much now, you can still have an escape. Your own backyard can be beautiful and you can still dream of your vacation/holiday that’s still to come.

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