• Knock, knock…uno?

    My family and I love playing Uno (yes the card game).  I have played this game since I can remember.  It’s a great game that I was able to teach the kids quickly and easily and they love it.

    When I first came to Australia before my children were old enough to play Uno, I worked with a child at a previous job and we played Uno.  When he had the last card, he didn’t yell out Uno.  He knocked on the table twice, while saying KNOCK, KNOCK, UNO.  I was like WTF was that in my head but I also thought the kid was just messing with me and didn’t make a big deal of it.

    Fast forward a few years, and my children are in school and play Uno with their friends at school.  After dinner tonight hubby suggested we play Uno after we played Guess Who?  And my eldest did the unthinkable when he had the last card.  He knocked on the table twice, while saying KNOCK, KNOCK, UNO.  So I asked him WTF was that but in a nicer way and he told me that’s what everyone does at school.

    I looked up the instructions that came with the game and on the internet and nowhere does it say to knock on the table while saying KNOCK, KNOCK, UNO!  So I ask where in the world did the Aussie get this from or is it limited to my neck of the Australian woods?  I remember from my college years we turned Uno into a drinking game and we even had Ghetto Rules Uno (where you can play multiples of the same card) and I can understand the challenge of playing your own rules but really KNOCK, KNOCK?  What’s that about?  The only thing I can think of is that it is used to make sure you have everyone’s attention when you say Uno and they don’t call you out on not having said Uno when you did, thus avoiding the dreaded extra 2 cards.  But can that really be it? Or is it like many Australians say haitch, rather than aitch?

    I don’t know.  But I’ve asked my kids that when we play at home not to do the knocking as I get weirded out by it, just like I tell them that it’s ooono rather than youno.  And they’re cool with that.

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    2 thoughts on “Knock, knock…uno?

    • Bruni says:

      It comes from the game ”crazy eights”, which is basically Uno, but with a regular deck of cards. Wen you have one card left in your hands, you have to knock twice on the table to avoid drawing 2 cards. But you get so paranoid that people won’t notice your knocks that you say it out loud at the same time ”KNOCK! KNOCK!”. Somehow it transcended to Uno and some people say ”KNOCK KNOCK UNO!”

      Thanks for that! – Y

    • Beauxdean says:

      You’re right Bruni, it comes from the game ”crazy eights & plays like uno but with a regular deck of cards. In our version, 4 people play as partners or 3 or 4 can play as single players. 7 cards only are dealt. Each person in turn can lay a card. You must play to the pile with the same suit or number that is the top card on the pile. If you can’t play when it comes your turn, you must draw until you get a playable card. When you have two cards left in your hand and it’s your turn, you just say “knock knock” while discarding one of those two and BEFORE in leaves your hand to avoid someone saying “gotcha!” forcing you to draw 1 cards. In our version:
      Sevens make the next man draw 2 cards.
      Eights make it skip the next guy.
      Kings make the direction reverse
      Jacks are wild, can be played anytime, regardless of suit and are used to call whatever suit the holder deems. If you go out with a Jack, it doubles the opponents score at the end of the round.
      This game is THE best partners game in town and it’s good to see it’s still around….

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