• Marvel Movie Marathon – possible spoilers part 6

    I thought we were all re-watching the movies but we’re not. Most of these movies came out when the kids were really small and before we started to take them to the movies to watch something other than animated stuff.  They may have seen one in snippets on Blu-ray but they never really saw the entire Avengers story, hence all the questions.  So, except for a select few, the kids are basically watching these movies for the first time!

    Anyway, here we are with the next installment which neither one had seen:

    Iron Man 3 (2013)

    How does it regrow?
    He’s a bit late.
    Isn’t that Mandarin?
    Did he name that one?
    Oh yeah he named it.
    What was that that hit him?
    Who’s that?
    Who’s that guy?
    What was that?
    What the heck is happening?
    They’re the bombs!
    So like I guess he was normal but then he inhaled something and turned into that.
    I know why there was an explosion. The regeneration thing that guy was working on is the explosion.
    Where is he?
    Where’s that?
    He’s stupid.
    How did he know where he was?
    How did they know where he was?
    He’s a douche.
    He’s a big douche.
    Stan Lee.
    Can I have a little chocolate?
    Why does he have those attacks?
    Did he make like a homemade gun or something?
    So he lied.
    So that was someone they experimented on.
    That little girl lost her leg.
    Wait, what?
    So Jarvis opened up that thing
    And he sends all the iron men thingamajig
    So that’s how Pepper dies.
    He doesn’t like Mark 42, right?
    He be looking like he’s ruined.
    He be the Fire King.
    I am the Mandarin.
    What’s the clean slate thing?
    He got arrested because he didn’t say something about…
    What’s he doing?
    What’s shrapnel?
    So Tony Stark gave him all this?
    I’m a science doctor not that type.

    Next on our Marvel Mission:

    Thor: The Dark World (2013)

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