• Merry Christmas

    Today is my 5th Christmas in Australia! I’m still not used to a summer Christmas. I’m used to the “it’s freezing my balls off” type of Christmas but that’s ok. Santa brought our family a basketball hoop set and we were able to play outside for an hour, laughing and enjoying being together. In NJ, if Santa had delivered a basketball hoop set for Christmas we would have said “awesome” but then stored it away in the basement for the summer.

    Loving that shopping for the family was a bit easier this year because I did a lot of my shopping on Amazon.co.uk!  Sweet!

    Anyway, another gift I received today from my boys was the 7th season of Doctor Who on bluray! Never was a fan of Doctor Who until this year, when hubby introduced me to the beautiful tenth doctor. When he watched earlier episodes I sat with him on the couch but never looked up from my laptop or my book but when he watched the David Tennant series, I kept peeking up and asking questions, then I fell in love with the quirky, nerd (much the same way I did with my quirky nerd of a husband too)! Now I can’t get enough of the Doctor and I want my own TARDIS! So I leave you with this awesome carol:

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