• Homemade masks – Nailed it

    I’m not a crafty person whatsoever.

    I remember taking a sewing class in middle school and I had to fashion myself an outfit for my final assignment. I made myself a black and white polka dot shirt and neon green shorts that were 3 sizes too big for me. It was not a pretty sight.

    12 year old me rocking out my sewing project

    Fast forward to 2020:

    For a few years now, we’ve been trying hard to lessen our footprint on the environment which can be hard to do with kids. During quarantine, CJ’s favourite socks were ruined. His constant running and skipping created holes on the soles.

    Old me would have tossed them out and bought new ones. But new me said tsk tsk and CJ, most definitely, didn’t want to part with his socks. So, I decided to try my hand at mending them. That’s how they did it back in the day – good for the environment plus it’ll make a little boy happy.

    I dug out out my Reject Shop sewing kit and tried my hand. I’m definitely not going to start a sock business but CJ was quite happy with my small success at saving his precious dinosaur socks.

    Riding on the coattail of that minor victory, I decided that in case of a second wave of Coronavirus or if in the future mask wearing becomes a requirement when we travel, we needed to have face masks because I like being prepared.

    Disposable ones wouldn’t do because of the environment and I noticed a lot of people have been profiteering by selling very expensive cloth ones. What to do?

    Then I remembered that early in quarantine I had saved a video on Facebook – you know with the good intention of one day doing it but in reality, just being a “one day” hoarder.

    I looked up the video and decided to give it a go.

    Time to rummage the doodle drawers (Mister Maker reference)

    Armed with nothing more than fabric squares that I purchased cheaply at Spotlight, scissors, pins, a pencil, and fabric glue (and of course, an incredible tutorial on
    https://jennifermaker.com/no-sew-face-mask-tshirt/ I made face masks for my family!

    The first one was a bit finicky and didn’t turn out as nice. But with each one I did, it was better than the last. I would definitely recommend fabric scissors or at least very sharp scissors. And I learned after the first one to use pins to hold the fabric in place. Since I used 100% cotton fabric squares, I did have to do a size larger than expected for a comfier fit. My fussy kids and hubby didn’t mind them at all!

    We have no plans on wearing them just yet but we have them in case we need them.

    I would love to use geeky printed fabric but I’m not too confident in that just yet!

    Let me know if you tried your hand at making them or any others!

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