• Merry (Happy) Christmas…a little late

    I’m late in posting this but Merry Christmas or as the locals say Happy Christmas!

    This was my first Christmas away from my NJ home.  (Look at that I specified NJ home, indicating I have 2 homes now.  Boy, am I growing up.)  It was a bit strange not being in NJ for Christmas.  No below 0 weather.  No snow.  No Santa wanna-bes standing on the corner ringing their bells for donations.  It just didn’t feel like Christmas other than the fake 6 ft tree we had in the corner of the living room (which by the way I’m tossing once I take it down for it was the most painful tree to put up in my lifetime!).

    LJ received a lot of presents from Santa and my hubby got the XBox 360 he wanted.  I didn’t get the million dollars from the lottery as I had hoped.  After opening our gifts, we went to my sister-in-laws place and the kids were able to play outside in the nice warm weather.  We stayed for Christmas lunch then Christmas Tea (dinner) but it wasn’t anything I was used to.

    Mmm, arroz con gandules

    Mmm, arroz con gandules

    There was ham and turkey but it was just a turkey roll (breast) not a real turkey with bones and all.  No pernil.  No arroz con gandules.  No pasteles.  It was different but it’s to be expected coming from a Puerto-Rican background in the States to a generic anglo environment.

    All in all, I survived my first Christmas in Australia.  Next year if my little ones let me I might cook some spanish food to contribute to the Christmas Tea and maybe I’ll share it with my in-laws.

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