• What I like about Australia, part 2

    I’m a total carb person.  I really love bread.  I think if had to pick one food that I could eat everyday, anywhere, I would choose bread (cheese is a close runner up but only cheese that I can find in the US).

    However, in the States, we ate whatever bread I could find in the supermarket.  I never really ever went to a bakery unless I was buying a specialty cake so I missed out on freshly baked bread because they weren’t very convenient.  They tended to be really out of the way and not worth the hassle.  In Australia, there’s a fresh bakery nearly everywhere I go.  There’s no excuse not to buy freshly baked bread at all because they’re so accessible here.

    LJ loves bread as well.  I must have passed on my love for those naughty carbs in utero.  I can’t pass a Baker’s Delight without LJ wanting something from it!

    I love that Australia has so many tasty bakeries because unfortunately, I’m still trying to find foods that I like here without comparing them to back home and it’s been difficult.  So I’m glad that if I need to nibble on something I could quickly go to a bakery and just get a nice warm loaf of something and gobble it down.

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    2 thoughts on “What I like about Australia, part 2

    • JM says:

      You have me drooling already! I definitely agree – the massive number of wonderful bakeries all around Australia has definitely let me indulge my love of bread. It’s wonderful!

    • G'Day Y'All says:

      *Sigh* I miss Barker’s Delight bread! 🙁

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