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    The reason for the Melbourne trip was to take MJ to see one of his favourite bands perform, Garbage!  More on that later.

    From the airport, we took the Skybus into their city terminal which we then transferred to a shuttle that left us a block away from the hotel.  I would have preferred door to door service as some of the passengers had but a block was fine with the one suitcase we had.

    Our first stop as a family was one of our favourites, The Melboure Sea Life Aquarium.  We walked from the hotel to the aquarium. We considered taking the free tram but it would be a 10 minute wait for the next one so we decided to walk it, in anticipation of walking off all the awesome bad food we were going to eat.  It was a nice casual stroll and it didn’t take us long.  The kids didn’t even whine once.  They did have lots of questions about all the homeless people they saw along the way.

    Once at the aquarium, we noticed lots of changes.  It seems like every time we go to the aquarium it has been renovated and/or changed in some way so it’s never the same old sea life experience!  The penguins are always great to see but we particularly found the huge crocodile fascinating!  I don’t remember seeing the crocodile the last time we went.  It was a lot of fun and educational which is always great!  I was disappointed that I didn’t see that there was a glass bottom boat until we were back home and I was writing this post!  Anyway, I can’t remember how much we paid because we were able to get 2 adult entries for the price of 1 prior to going there and then we had a coupon (voucher) for 20% off the kids tickets that we used at the aquarium entry.  My only complaint is that there was only one person working the counter and there was a long line (queue) which resulted in a longer wait than necessary.

    On the way back to the hotel, we stopped in to see the the Myer Christmas window display.  The animatronics were awesome but the audio was too long to capture the kids attention for more than a minute or two but the Australian theme based on the book “One Christmas Eve” by Corinne Fenton was cool.

    The next day we thought about going to That VR Joint and then to the zoo but it was taking us ages to figure out the bus and tram system so we decided to just take the free tram up to the Melbourne Museum.  I had to drag MJ to the museum as he was really looking forward to doing the VR thing.  He complained about the tram ride and kept on making predictions of how expensive it would be and how it wouldn’t be much more than what we have at our local museum.  Needless to say, we spent the entire day at the museum.  There was just too much to see!  And there were so many favourites!  The little bird that collects only blue items to attract a mate.  The Human Body, The Rainforest, The Dinosaur Walk and so on.  Again, I hated that I didn’t have my camera with me!  It was well worth the visit and cost of $28 ($14 per adult, kids were free).

    The tram back was long.  Not sure if we took the right one or if we missed the exit but we seemed to be there longer than we were getting to the museum.  And the tram was PACKED.  I felt like I was in a can (tin) of sardines!  CJ fell asleep on my lap and he kept getting woken up by people pushing past us.  When it was time to get off, the other passengers were like vultures waiting to attack for our now vacant seats!

    Lessons learned:

    Pre-plan our trip, memorise the public transportation options, and buy the necessary MyKi cards ahead of time.

    On to our main event, MJ loves Garbage so when he heard they were touring Australia he begged to go.  But then he changed his mind because work was really busy and he didn’t think he could take the time off plus we didn’t know if we could get anyone to look after the kids.  I booked the flights and bought the concert tickets which made him very happy!  The kids stayed with family while we went.  If the kids knew more about Garbage, we would have brought them along although Shirley Manson did have a few choice colourful words at times!

    The concert was at the Regent Theater which was very nice.  The seats could do with some updating but the rest of it was pretty.  Garbage did a spectacular job and everyone enjoyed themselves except perhaps for the 2 girls in front of us who spent most of their time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook!

    I do hope if they come back to Australia, they make a stop in Tasmania!  Tassie gets overlooked for these things!

    The overall trip was short but action and fun packed and very doable with small kids!


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