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    Just came back from Melbourne for a short 2 day vacation (holiday).  I love to see different parts of the world but I hate the whole process of traveling.  The packing – making sure you are covered for every possible scenario.  What if it rains? Umbrella packed. What if it’s cold when it says it’s going to warm, or what if it’s hot when it says it’ll be chilly?  Pack multiple layers. And on it goes….so I tend to over pack which leads to the first hassle of the traveling. But that’s a different story.

    The biggest worry, though, is the hotel.  I’m a hotel snob but I’m also poor with a family so I have to find something that ticks off all the boxes for me without breaking the bank.  Some people have the mentality that when you go away you don’t spend that much time in the hotel so it doesn’t matter.  I, on the other hand, believe that if I’m supposed to enjoy my trip I need to feel like I’m home away from home.  I don’t want to long for my bed or miss the comfort of our house.  I want to feel safe and secure so I can relax and enjoy the sites.

    Finding a hotel that MJ and I agree on is very difficult.  He thinks he’s more laid back than he actually is and that it’s OK if we get a “cheap” hotel because we’re not there for the hotel.  Except, he doesn’t really think that way.  He’s just as much a snob as I am if not worse but he won’t admit to it because he hates that in order to tick the boxes we have to spend more than he wants to or the hotel that actually meets our criteria is a fair walking distance from his favourite eateries.  Anyway, we can usually agree to stay at a Mantra.  We’ve had a couple of good experiences staying at Mantras so we decided to give another Mantra a try this time again.

    I had wanted to stay at the Mantra on the Park where we had stayed last time we visited Melbourne but it was a little further away than MJ wanted from the concert venue we were going to attend.  We ended up agreeing on Mantra 100 Exhibition. At first glance, it appeared to tick those boxes.


    1. Within walking distance to places (mainly those eateries MJ loves)
    2. Staff were friendly and helpful
    3. Lobby was clean
    4. 2 bedroom apartment was a good size for the 4 of us
    5. Rooms appeared clean
    6. Beds were comfortable
    7. Quiet – no crazy loud neighbours
    8. Room service available.  Although we didn’t use it, there were good, decently priced options on the menu.
    9. View


    1. There was a view, except that it was looking right smack into an office.  We could see what they were doing and typing into their computers and they probably could look into our room and see us messing about unless the
    2. dirt and grime that were on the windows provided a tinted window experience.  I will give them the benefit of the doubt because before we had arrived it had been raining for a few days so that could have caused the build up.
    3. The room was warm so we put on the AC which was in the living room (lounge).  As a result of the AC being in the living room, the cool air didn’t really reach the bedrooms.  Luckily the weather outside was mild.  If it had been hot out, I’m not sure the AC situation would have cut it.
    4. The shower/bath combo was very narrow.  My kids even found it so.  And the thin glass wall trying to keep the water in the shower/bath didn’t work out.  There was water everywhere.  When the kids showered or when MJ and I had our showers, the glass barrier didn’t keep any water in.
    5. I could hear when other people used the toilet in an adjacent room from our bedroom.  I couldn’t hear the actual use of it, like if they were grunting or anything (thank goodness), but I could hear the toilet being flushed.
    6. 2pm check-in and 10am check-out.  While this is pretty standard, we arrived into Melbourne about 10am and it would have been nice to freshen up but we didn’t have that luxury.  We also had a late night, and it would have been nice to have a sleep-in before having to check out.  It just seems that you’re not getting much room time for your money.
    7. As I tucked my youngest into bed for the night 15 minutes after his shower, I saw his feet.  They were filthy.  I checked my eldest feet who was 5 minutes out of the shower and his feet were on their way as well.  I checked the bottom of my white socks and they were black as well.  While the floor looked clean, it was obviously disgustingly filthy.

    Cleanliness is one of the biggest boxes to tick and I was disappointed that this had to be unticked.  I hope this was a one off and it NEVER happens again.  I hate giving negative reviews when I know they are doing their best, however, we shouldn’t have dirty feet from just walking around in the apartment.

    Final word:

    I haven’t given up on Mantra but we probably won’t stay at this one if we can help it.

    Next couple of posts I’ll write up about the eateries we went to and what we did while we were in Melbourne.


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