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    A few months ago I had discovered that I had been non-compliant with my American taxes while living in Australia.  Yes, even though I do not live nor work in America nor do I get any revenue from America, I still have to do my American taxes.  EVERY. YEAR. I was behind on my taxes for 4 years!  I panicked and immediately thought I was going to get deported.  At any minute, the fuzz was going to bust down my door and arrest me and my family.  I had visions of going to jail for tax evasion.  Yea, me and Wesley Snipes.  I did my research on the internet and cried.  Why do accountants speak another language?  I tried to locate any accountants in Australia that could do my taxes. I couldn’t find anyone.  Finally I was able to find an accountant in the USA that was experienced with doing taxes for and from people overseas.  After a lot of email to and fro, and a rather large accountant bill,  I am now up to date with my American taxes.

    For a couple of months, I was blissfully done with taxes.  It is now July and the start of a new financial year for Australia which means now I’m preparing to do my Australian taxes.  It’s ridiculous that we have to do 2 sets of taxes.  I don’t live in the US and I don’t live in another country just not to pay taxes in the US – I don’t make a lot of money.

    I really hope they change the taxation laws soon.  I don’t want to do 2 sets of taxes every year for the rest of my life and I don’t want my boys to have to do the same when they’re older.

    I came across this video today that explains Citizen vs. Residence based taxation that I thought might be handy for any Americans living abroad.  Don’t make the same mistake I did thinking that I didn’t have to do American taxes even though I didn’t live there anymore.

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