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    I came across a website where you can buy some Mexican food staples in Australia. While some of the items I was familiar with, it still wasn’t the same products I cooked with in NJ. I decided to do another search (one that I did countless of times when I first moved here): Puerto Rican food in Australia. Nothing came up. Occasionally I would find something along the lines “I always go here for the best Puerto Rican food when I’m in Melbourne” and my heart would leap out of my mouth until I clicked on it and saw that it was Melbourne, Florida and all my hopes were crushed. In my search travels, naturally the Wiki page on Puerto Rican people came up. I clicked on it and read up about my culture and then I cried. I didn’t realize how much I missed my mom’s cooking until I saw the mouth watering pictures of the food in my memories. Then on the side of the page I saw Australia. I wiped my eyes and clicked on the link. It took me to the 2006 Australian census. According to the census there were a whopping 78 people who identified themselves as Puerto Rican in Australia out of the 19,855,288 that took part in the census. So I’m not totally alone, but the likelihood of one of those 78 starting up a successful Puerto Rican restaurant in Australia is a bit slim. Maybe, one day… At least I found a place here that does a decent Pina Colada – albeit expensive but sometimes like today, definitely worth it.

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