• So much to say, so little time

    Everyday I encounter something that triggers me to make a mental note about posting it on Lost In Australia.  Every night after putting the kids to bed, I sit on my couch, laptop in position and I have a complete brain fart.  Staring at the laptop, I try to remember what I wanted to say but after about 30 minutes, I give up and decide to watch whatever show I have on my DVR.  Once in bed, as I’m drifting off to dreamland, that’s when it occurs to me what I had wanted to write in the first place.  I make another mental note to do it tomorrow but of course, the cycle just repeats itself.

    Well here I am after about 3 months of silence.  I have some time to myself as I’m trying out a new cleaner.  Yes, I have someone cleaning my house at the moment as I sit in front of the computer while the kids are in daycare.  Woohoo!  Before you start criticizing me, I do have a very bad back and scrubbing the bathroom puts me out of commission for a long time.

    So let’s see if I can remember what after so many months I had wanted to say…(cue Jeopardy music)

    Ugh after 5 minutes of staring at the cursor, I can’t remember.  I must remember to use my new Android phone more often so I won’t forget.  Oh well, I do have time for some idle chit-chat.

    Recently MJ, LJ, and I went to see the V8 Supercars (I refused to subject CJ to the noise pollution).  It was a big crowd but not as big as the last time we went.  Not sure if people had better things to do or perhaps their favorite drivers weren’t there this year like Skaife.

    Also I recently drove all by myself 2.5 hours to a work conference and back!  I had gone only a handful of times as a sleeping passenger so driving there on my own was a big deal.  I did have the help of a GPS but nonetheless I did it myself!  It makes me feel like a native!

    I have to get going and check on the house cleaner.  Hopefully I do come back sooner than 3 months and update you on my life in Australia.

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