• Farmville break

    So I decided to take a break from Facebook and all its addicting games such as Farmville to come visit my abandoned blog. I will admit the only reason I did so was because a friend sent me an email and reminded me about the blog and her email reminded me about a post I was going to write a couple of weekends ago.

    We’ve been living in Australia for over 2 years now and we’ve been living in this house for over a year now so we thought it was time we actually unpacked. The stuff in our house is totally settled and as a result, our house has the lived in look but the garage was stacked with USPS boxes filled with our “American” memories. So on one particular Sunday since we had no particular plans we decided to clean the garage and unpack the things we had thought we could not live without when we packed nearly 3 years ago.

    I can’t remember if I wrote about those last days of living in NJ and trying to decide what we thought we needed to keep and what needed to be tossed but trust me, we were so tired with all the thinking and packing, packing and thinking we got to the point in which just started chucking things in those USPS flat-rate boxes or the garbage. So of course I wasn’t surprised to find lots of things I didn’t even know I still had in my possession. In one of those boxes I found some “memorabilia” from my school days. One of those mementos of my youth was a “contract” signed by me and the aforementioned friend. The contract was signed in 1992 (before Internet, IMDB, and Wikipedia) and it stated that my friend believed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was from Australia the land of the beautiful man Michael Hutchence. (Sidenote: she completely loved Michael and INXS, therefore, anything Australian) and I, of course, being Little Miss Know-It-All, (and not completely obsessed with INXS since I didn’t know about them until she introduced me to them and introduced me to the possibility of Australia being a wondrous place) correctly said he was from Austria. The winner would receive $1,000,000 from the loser.

    It’s time someone pays up! 😉

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