• October 22, 2009

    Before going to the US, I promised myself we were going to travel light. No excess baggage. It would be difficult enough to travel with the 2 kids, we didn’t need to add to it. So the plan was 1 suitcase with all our crap, 1 semi-empty suitcase with just gifts to my family because I knew we would be shopping lots in the US, 1 diaper bag as a carry-on, and 1 kids backpack for LJ with his toys and crayons. It didn’t work out that way. We ended up taking 2 filled to the rim suitcases, 1 diaper bag, 1 kids backpack, 1 carry-on bag, and a stroller. Not too bad, you say? Well, we came back with 3 suitcases filled to the rim, 1 diaper bag, 1 kids backpack, 1 carry-on bag, stroller, and a carseat. Plus we shipped some things over ahead of time from the US to Australia.

    And of course we had to pay those ridiculous fees that some airlines charge for baggage. We didn’t have to pay until we took Continental from Los Angeles to Newark. We paid $30. Continental from Newark to Los Angeles we paid $45. We were threatened by the curbside check-in guy that we were going to have to pay $50 per bag because we exceeded the weight restrictions by a couple of pounds and the carseat which he said wasn’t an exemption (bullshit). However, he did us a great “favor” and let us through as long as we tipped him for his trouble of saving us over $100 in fees. He was a total con-artist. Because he insisted so much on a tip, we only gave him a $7.00 one meanwhile we gave the Enterprise shuttle driver at $12 tip because he was so helpful and didn’t vocalize that he expected something in return. Anyway we didn’t have to worry about any other fees with VAustralia or Virgin but we did have to pay for JetStar.

    Ok I started this post on October 3 and I thought I had finished it and published it. Apparently not. And now my “baby brain” has kicked in and I can’t remember where I was going with this post! Man, I need to allot a certain time of the week to update the blog so it’s still fresh in my head.

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