• The very popular Cricket?? (again, not the insect)

    When I write a post on Lost In Australia, it’s basically because it’s on my mind and it’s what’s going on in my life at the moment.  I don’t just pull a topic out of my ass and start to write about it.  Because it’s true to life, sometimes my posts are long while other are short.  Sometimes I might consider my writing to be witty and other times I can’t believe I have a Masters with the poor writing skills I have demonstrated.  Despite that, I do hope that everyone does enjoy reading my posts whether you agree with what I write or not.  I’m happy to announce that since my first post in August 2007, the website has developed some avid readers plus the numbers of unique visitors have increased daily. All I can say is wow, you all must be seriously bored that you find this crap entertaining!  LOL, just kidding.  I really am grateful for all of you and thank you sincerely.  And I do appreciate all the comments that you do leave on my posts.  However, I am selective as to the comments that I approve to be left on the website.  Why?  Because it’s my website and I can!  Hehehe.  Actually, I try to filter out the spammers as best as I can and the occasional comment that leaves me wondering “WTF??”  Which brings me to the reason of this post…

    On February 18th, I wrote a post regarding cricket, little did I know that it would be the most visited post of Lost In Australia.  I had only been in Australia for about a couple of weeks and I was curious about the weird sport that everyone was glued to watching on the TV. Hence, the post.  I never knew that it would be the very post that would attract the most visitors to this website.  I don’t know why.  And not only is it the most frequented it’s also the most commented on (although I tend not to approve them because a lot of them just sound iffy).  Recently, I received another approval for comment on the Cricket post from someone in Connecticut who left me and my husband with the WTF? feeling.  Someone follows cricket in Connecticut??  Anyway, the commenter says:

    haha lol the pic right there is of ricky ponting and
    he is the best australin bowler ever.........

    For those of you who are confused, apparently the person who propels the ball toward the wicket in cricket is considered a bowler.  Yea I know it sounds all made up but that’s what Aussie’s call those things.

    Well, my adoring MJ asked that I write a post addressing this for 2 reasons:

    1.  Ask why the old cricket post is so popular.

    2.  Set the record straight on Lost In Australia by clarifying that Ricky Ponting rarely bowls and when he does it ain’t all that

    While I still don’t know much about cricket and can’t tell who is good or who isn’t, I have to trust MJ.  He seems to know his stuff.  And here is a new Cricket post.  Let’s see if this one will be as popular as the old one.

    And for those who still think I’m talking about the insect, here’s a wonderful youtube clip so you can see I’m not making it up.  Apparently, there’s cricket in the US too!  Who would have thought…freaks are everywhere.

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