• Finally, it’s here!

    Just wanted to give you a quick update – I have my new laptop!  Finally!  My ASUS laptop has arrived.  ASUS??  What the hell kind of brand is that and what happened to HP??? – You ask.  Well I asked the same thing. Apparently, my hubby has given up on HP.  He rambled on about how HP needs to have more ATI video cards with its own memory rather than shared and how Nvidia cards are crap and overheat and how HP was aware of the problem and they deserve to be sued and how HP needs to have Global Warranty…blah, blah, compublah, blah.  It was all French to me but he swears that I will come to love ASUS better because it’s more reliable.  And we should know about reliable.  In 5 years, we have gone through 3 HP laptops.

    For anyone interested, this is the laptop we have except we have upgraded to 4 gb of memory. I love their slogan:  “Rock solid.  Heart touching”.  It better be.  I have a love/hate relationship with all my laptops.

    So far, the ASUS laptop seems ok.  I’m still trying to figure it out and install all of my lovely programs on it.  Once it’s completely up and running, prepare for my posts to cover what has been going on and why I think I’m going insane…this time.

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