• Learning Cricket (the game, not the insect)

    CricketSo when in Rome (or Australia), you should do as the locals do…

    And last night, the entire family (aged 2 to 80-something) was gathered in front of the TV watching a strange sport called Cricket so I sat beside my husband and started to ask a whole bunch of questions…

    What is this?
    Who’s playing?
    How do you play it?
    What are those lines on the ground?
    What’s with the funny bat?
    And about a million more…

    My husband patiently answered my questions and then asked “so you understand Cricket now?”

    And I tried to say yes but I ended up saying “um, not really”.

    So MJ stood up and walked out of the room. I thought I had pissed him off enough with all the questions falling on deaf ears but no. He came back with a paper and pen and made a diagram with step by step game plays! (Damn, Australians take their sports seriously!) An hour later, I think I understand the basic rules of the game!

    As for playing, nah, I’ll pass. I still prefer to sit on the side-lines watching the jocks with their cute little butts running back and forth!

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