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    MJ has pestered me about getting an Australian driver’s license since about an hour after we arrived here. Today I finally gave in and got my Australian driver’s license. It was very easy to get one. I just had to fill out a form; show them my NJ driver license, passport, proof of address, and pay a fee. MJ wasn’t very happy about how easy it was for me. When he had to get his NJ driver’s license, he had to endure the pains of the written test twice (the first time, he was really cocky…how hard can it be when they’re so many idiots out on the NJ roads?)

    I didn’t have to worry about taking any tests for my license here. I did have an obligatory crappy picture taken of me that I will have to show to people for the next 5 years and I immediately put the license in my wallet.

    MJ wanted me to drive back home but I’m not ready. I still silently freak out in my head when I’m in the passenger seat and hubby is driving. Everything seems so wrong. I’m on the wrong side of the car and all the cars on the road are on the wrong side. So me behind the wheel, is not a good idea at the moment. It’s just so…..wrong.

    So not until I’m not eager to shout obscenities to my fellow drivers for being on the wrong side, can I trust myself behind the wheel in Australia. That’s going to be a long while from now…

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