• I’m married to an Australian

    MJ had been in the US for almost 5 years. He still had his accent but not as thick as it used to be when I first met him. He even started saying some words just how Americans said it like oregano (uh-reg-uh-noh) instead of the Australian (aw-re-gaa-no) and pepper instead of capsicum and aluminum instead of aluminium. But within the first 48 hours of being in Australia, that all changed!

    We were driving somewhere and talking about our finances (or lack thereof), when he follows up our conversation with “she’ll be right?”

    I looked at him and the conversation proceeded to take place as follows:

    Me: Who?
    MJ: What?
    Me: Who’ll be right?
    MJ: What??
    Me: You just said ‘she’ll be right’.
    MJ (laughing): Oh, it’s just an Australian saying.
    Me: What does it mean?
    MJ: That everything will be ok.
    Me: Then why can’t you just say ‘everything will be ok’ rather than ‘she’ll be right’???

    Well he didn’t get it, and neither did I.

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