• Can we say tacky??

    We have less than 2 weeks left in the house. We still have lots to do but it’s getting there…slowly. We sold our sofa today. LJ wasn’t very happy to see a strange man come into our house and take out his second favorite piece of furniture (his crib is first). As the skinny man struggled to carry the massive thing with my hubby, LJ yelled obscenities at him (in his own baby speak) while he threateningly waved his little hand at him. I tried to reassure him that it was for the best but of course just like a man he couldn’t see past the here and now. He was probably just concerned about where would he sit to watch his favorite cartoon Latina, Dora. Eventually he calmed down, especially when he saw the replacement. We have a twin size bed that we used in one of the guest rooms so my hubby had a great idea. He brought down the twin bed and placed it where the sofa used to be. We threw a few pillows on it and voila, we have ourselves a makeshift daybed! LJ was hesitant at first but after he saw that he had the combined joy of jumping on a bed and the comfort to sit and watch his favorite TV shows, he was happier “than a tornado in a trailer park”. Yes it’s a bit tacky but you know what, it sure is comfy. I even told MJ that maybe once we get settled into a house we’ll do something similar until we could afford to buy furniture! Yea I say that now until I visit a furniture store and I gotta have, this and that!

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