• When will I have time to do all this?

    So I’m back at work and I’ve realized that I just don’t have time anymore to do anything. I go to work; come home to spend time with my family (play with my son, cook, clean, get son ready for bed, iron, etc); and by the time my son is in bed I’m done…I just don’t have the energy for anything else but I still have to muster up some energy to get lunch and any dinner plans for the next day ready. After that, put a fork in me – I’m definitely done. I plop myself on the sofa (that I have to sell) and zone out watching TV (that I have to sell) with the laptop (that I’m keeping!) to keep me company. I try to post some things to sell that doesn’t require much movement nor thought from me but it’s not enough. Sales have slowed down and even stupid questions from strange people have stopped and we still have a house full of things that we have to get rid of for a good price. I know we still have time but my fear is that January will quickly roll by and we will have to give or throw everything away. Then I’ll be kicking myself for not having accepted those cheap offers from the Craigslist people! Ugh! I’m so tired. What am I going to do? When will I have time to do all this? Maybe there’s a cheaper shipping container out there that I haven’t found yet? Yea that’s what I’ll do now while I’m zoning out watching Modern Marvels – I’ll do another search for shipping containers – this time I’ll try Yahoo.

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