• Venom (minor spoiler)

    My husband is addicted with reading reviews before seeing movies.  I, on the other hand, prefer to go with a blank slate of what to expect.  What’s in the trailer is enough for me.  I don’t want to be tainted with other people’s thoughts.  I will determine if I like something and why.  Well, he read the reviews and they weren’t good.  They likened Venom to the Fantastic Four movie so he was convinced he was going to hate Venom.  Well, I demanded that he put the damn reviews out his mind because we were going to see Venom whether he liked it or not.  The boys were looking forward to it.  They aren’t allowed to see Deadpool but they can see Venom.

    We went to see Venom yesterday.  I actually enjoyed it.  The plot was easy to follow.  Tom Hardy’s performance was awesome and I loved Venom’s witty comebacks. I didn’t like Anne’s (Michelle Williams) hairstyle (reminded me of a female Alfalfa) and I hated Venom’s and Riot’s fight scene.  I felt it was cheap and predictable and to be honest, I felt cheated of a memorable fight scene between 2 powerful beings.  The CGI was noticeable and they decided to take the easy way out by making the fight scene at night.

    That being said, I do hope they make a sequel.  I would love to see Venom take down Carnage.

    MJ agreed with all my points and luckily, didn’t dismiss the whole thing due to the negative reviews he read.  He stayed awake through the entire thing and didn’t mind waiting for the 2 end credits scenes!

    What did my boys think?

    They thought Venom was the best!  Their new favourite quote is now “like a turd in the wind.”

    What did my parent brain think?

    Several swear words including pussy and fuck – not excessive and used with humour.  Some gore such as a bone sticking out of a leg.  Venom’s face and teeth are scary as hell.  Venom bites a couple of people’s heads off but there’s no gore there.  Most of the scary scenes are anticipated so you can cover eyes and ears in time if necessary!  I had to cover my youngest eyes and ears for a few bits but not as much as I thought I would need to considering how Venom is one ugly mofo.

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