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    I’ve posted about my pet peeve before and my abhorrence of people criticising Halloween as an American holiday because that type of prejudice against a certain group is acceptable because they’re only Americans.  Anyway I’m happy to report, I did not encounter any of that negativity this year!  No, that’s a lie.  I saw 2 people on my Facebook post the same picture of Halloween not being Australian, meanwhile I know for a fact they went out and celebrated it as well.  I won’t go into that.

    Anyway, this year we were invited to 3 Halloween parties and went Trick or Treating, mind you 1 party was actually hosted by an Australian while the other 2 were American and British but it was awesome nonetheless.  Last year we only went to the American Halloween party and trick or treated at perhaps 2 houses so this year is a big improvement.  Also this year there was a Halloween monster bash fundraiser for a good cause!  Not sure what’s the change but it’s great.  I even saw some Australian celebrities posting about Halloween such as one the Bogan Hunters herself:





    So thanks Australia for giving it a go!  I hope you all had fun!


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