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    • cathy says:

      I feel so bad for you!!! I’m a Canadian who came here in 1986 and struggled like you. Friends were made when the kids went to school – it took time – lots of time. I knew women who walked into the school yard for the first time and were instantly popular; however, not me – this sounds like high school! Now that I’ve become an aussie and lived here
      for so long, I have a circle of friends, but it’s interesting to note that most of them did not grow up in Sydney. They too don’t have family here or old friends. People still ask when I’m going home but that’s just their curiosity. Hang in there and keep trying. I’ve also lived in the UK – I joined a club and became an assistant den mother in my 5 year old’s cub group. I was called “Cat Beaver” I don’t think I’ll live that down.

      Thanks so much! Oh my, Cat Beaver? There’s a story there waiting to be told – Y

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