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    So I’ve been here a little over a year and a half and I do believe I’m just settling in now. As a result I don’t have that many interesting little stories anymore or if I do, I’m so busy with the boys that I forget what I wanted to write when I have a chance at the computer. There have been so many times that I have said I have to remember that to post on the blog but then 2 hours later I can’t remember what it was. That’s mommy brain for you.

    But I will not give up! I will post as often as I possibly can which may be once a week or once a month but I’ll still be here. And as many of you know I still reply to emails and comments that you send to me. Thanks for those. It’s nice to know that someone’s thinking about me.

    Anyway, I remembered to come on today because I came across the funniest Aussie term today in conversation:

    Budgie smuggler: According to the urban dictionary, its an Australian term for “men’s tight-fitting Speedo-style swimwear. The ‘lump in the front’ apparently resembles a budgie when it is stuffed down the front of someone’s shorts”.

    My next question was what’s a budgie? Apparently it’s a parakeet or small parrot.

    He's smuggling a budgie in that speedo!

    He's smuggling a budgie in that speedo!

    Wow, only in Australia are there visually creative terms like budgie smuggler that could be worked in seamlessly into conversation. I dare you to use it in your next conversation!

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    2 thoughts on “Settling and word of the day

    • Nicole says:

      HAHAHA What a great blog you have here!
      Welcome to Australia!! Great posts, its good to read someone else’s perspective on us.
      I shared your pic of the budgie smugglers with some US friends 🙂

    • Y says:

      LOL! It’s such a strange term. I was reading a bedtime book that I bought here in Australia to one of my boys and it had a budgie in it and all I could think about was budgie smugglers.

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