• Tell me it ain’t so…

    I keep hearing about places in the US that are going bankrupt and closing their doors. At first, I thought oh ok, shit happens but after the 5th one, I’m wondering what’s going on over there. I know the times are tough and no matter what people say a recession is imminent but is a depression sneaking up on the US as well?

    Before I left, Kmart closed a lot of their doors in NJ but now I hear about Circuit City, Linens N Things, KB Toys, Disney, Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Footlocker, Levitz, Bombay, Zales, Piercing Pagoda, Home Depot, Macys, Pep Boys, Sprint/Nextel, JC Penney, Ethan Allen, and many, many others. What’s going on?? I’m afraid that when we go back home, the saying you can’t ever go back home will ring true. Will Willowbrook Mall in NJ be a barren wasteland? Will Route 46 have boarded up warehouses?

    Is it that bad over there?

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