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    • aus2007 says:

      How exciting! Congratulations! I know so many women who bled at first (and one who bled most of the way through), and the pregnancies were fine. I hope that will be the case with you! Can you have your blood tested, to see that the hormones are in the range they’re supposed to be? We had some minor fertility issues, and in the beginning of both pgs, they did blood tests to be sure my hormones (can’t remember which ones) were doubling as they should.

      Anyway, best of luck to you!

    • Y says:

      Thank you! It’s a bit weird being pregnant and thinking about having a baby in another country so far from home. But it should be interesting at least learning all the things I learned for my first pregnancy but in Australia. If that means any sense.

      Yes I have been checking my hcg levels. For the first lot of them I was told they were rising and just recently I had a couple more done and I’m just waiting on those results. I hope all goes well and I hear the results soon.

    • Tors says:

      Congratulations! I had both my babies here… any questions about the system, just ask. 🙂
      (fingers crossed for you!)

    • Y says:

      Thanks Tors! Do you have private health insurance (or did you when you were pregnant and gave birth)? Trying to figure out what’s the difference with the level of treatment you get if you just have Medicare?

    • Tors says:

      I had private insurance, but I decided to go through the public system anyway because (at least in my area) the level of treatment is more or less the same. You will get quality care no matter which way you go. The only difference with having private insurance is CHOICE. You can choose to have your own doctor in the delivery room (versus whoever is on staff at the hospital), you can choose to have a private room, you can choose to give birth in a private hospital instead of a public one. Private hospitals are usually very posh. 🙂 If that sort of thing is important to you, then definitely go private. But for me, I went public and had a good experience.

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