• Nothing like leaving everything to the last minute

    As I was looking through the clutter on our desk, I realized I have lots of forms I need to send out…soon.

    1. There were a dozen copies of voter registration/absentee ballots request in the pile from months ago. I finally sent those out yesterday. Now I just have to wait for the ballots to get here.
    2. My hubby’s NJ’s driver’s license expires this month so I had to see about renewing it. Well it turns out NJ doesn’t allow for online renewals. It has to be an in-person renewal. God, only knows when will that be. So I can’t do that right now.  Thank goodness, mine doesn’t expire until next September.  Hopefully we will make it back to the States before then.
    3. I have to send off for my police/criminal check for my casual job. I should have done that 2 months ago but it’s still on my pile of stuff of to do. I must do that Thursday.
    4. In April I started filling out my passport renewal forms.  Sometime in July I finally got my passport pictures done.  Now I have to send them off.  I must do that by this weekend.  I just have to make sure I have a copy of my permanent residency visa before I send it off.
    5. Once I have my renewed passort I have to figure out how to get my permanent residency visa affixed to my new passport.  I have a form for that but it doesn’t say anything about sending off my passport so I don’t know if I can mail it or if I have to go into immigration in person for that.
    6. I have a few other forms to complete and send off but they’re not pressing at the moment like the ones listed above so I’ll wait until the last minute for those.

    I’m usually more organized and on top of things but because I have to share a desk with MJ due to limited space here at the in-laws important paperwork gets lost with computer nerd stuff until the pile looks like it could swallow LJ whole then I have to tame the beast of paperwork to a more manageable pile.  So right now the mountain of paperwork is down to more like an anthill…until MJ gets home from work.

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    • Tors says:

      Re: #5 – technically you don’t *have* to get a new PR sticker in your new passport, as long as everything else is the same you can just use the one in the old passport (they’ll punch holes in every page except the one with the visa). You just have to remember to take boBut when I got a new passport, I just went to the Immigration office and they affixed a new sticker, no worries. I didn’t fill out any forms. I don’t know how it would work if you mailed it, though.

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