• OK, I’m desperate

    I know in the previous post I said I wasn’t going to worry about not finding a house within our budget soon. Well, I must have lied because I’m worrying.

    It seems all the houses within our price range are overpriced shitboxes and if they’re not, they just put the price lower so they could start a bidding war. And to be honest, in order to get a decent house worth it’s price, we’re about $40,000 or so short. Unless we win the lottery, we won’t be pulling $40,000 out of our asses anytime soon.

    We went to see a unit (similar to a townhouse in the US) and it was nice. Not perfect (a bit over our price range, limited storage space, only 1 closet in the entire unit, small kitchen, no room for a dishwasher, busy street on a main road, wood heating, no garage, yearly maintenance fees, and some other issues) but it was doable. However, there was absolutely no yard space for LJ to play let alone any space for outside entertainment. LJ is an outdoor boy. He needs space. He needs lots of space to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man, er, kid has gone before (ok, I’ve just shown you how much of a nerd I am but you get what I’m trying to say). As a result, we had to walk away from it and now I’m worried.

    If we can’t even find a suitable unit within our price range, we’re definitely not going to find a good house anytime soon. AND I AM FREAKING OUT.

    My in-laws are nice and all but we need to move out. It’s been nearly 8 months and MJ and I are losing it. We need our own space. We need privacy. We need to have our own furniture and things out to use. We need our own rules. We need our own routines and schedules. We need the freedom to be husband and wife, mother and father, friends and family without interference and without extra eyes and ears. Bottomline, we need to be able to walk around in our underwear. And I don’t think I can continue suffering the indignities of having to eat pop corn while watching a dvd fully dressed.

    I’m sure you’re wondering, then why don’t you get off your lazy fat ass and get a job??

    I can’t find anything. I need a part-time due to wanting to still be there for my son. Also for the days that I do work, I hope to get paid decently in which it won’t be too bad to put him in some type of childcare. And while I do have a casual job (basically they call me when they need me), I’ve only been called once so far. Supposedly it should be at least once a month as of November but we can’t base paying a mortgage on that. Then add to that the fact that we have to buy everything we need to survive in a house such as a fridge, washing machine, table and chairs, and so forth because remember we got rid of all our things in NJ before we moved here! Plus we need to be able to buy food and pay for the pesky little things such as electricity and water usage.

    So, in our sheer desperation and hopelessness, we might have to ask family members for help. Oh god, we’re not liking that idea but how many times have we bailed family out…sometimes literally…so they should be wanting to help us. The easiest way we can think of sending money from the US to Australia is via PayPal, hence the new donate button on the website. We’re going to start hitting everyone we ever gave money to contribute to our “save our sanity and help us buy a house fund”. Yes it’s tacky but desperate times calls for desperate measures…and tacky is the glue that holds my family in place. I guess I shouldn’t say bad things about my family if I’m going to try to convince them to repay all those favors we did for them. Hi everyone! I love you!

    Oh and if any rich readers want to contribute to the “help us buy a house so we can watch TV in our underwear fund”, please go for it. I’ll give you a shout out on our page! Hehehehe. The tackiness never ends…

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    5 thoughts on “OK, I’m desperate

    • Tors says:

      Have you considered just renting for a couple of years? I know it’s hard to save up for your own home when you’re paying someone else’s mortgage, but it sounds like the benefit of getting your own place and out of your ILs’ (oh boy, I’ve been there and done that!!) would be exponentially higher in the long run. Maybe you can find a furnished place first, then work your way up.

    • aus2007 says:

      I agree with Tors. Why not rent? In Melbourne, we’ve found that renting is far cheaper than buying anything. We were planning to rent at first, and buy down the road, once we had decided on the best suburb. As it turns out, the best suburb for us will be back in the states, LOL, but even if were staying, I’m not sure we’d be able to afford to buy something that was equal to what we had in NJ. In fact, I’m certain we couldn’t, just based on perusing the real estate section in the areas we would want if we were staying.

      Watching movies in your underwear is a basic human right. I hope you can gather the funds you need, or that a rental becomes an option for you. Good luck!

    • Y says:

      We’ve looked into renting and it actually doesn’t work out any better here. It’s close to a mortgage payment, therefore, there would be little chance of saving. Unless I was able to get a job soon enough in which we could totally save then. I don’t believe in counting my chicks before they hatch so right now we’re stuck here with our in-laws until a miracle happens and I find a job. Before we moved here, we kept a close eye on real estate and jobs here and we were very hopeful. Of course, we enter Australia and the rug is pulled out from under our feet.

    • Y says:

      Did you sell your house back in NJ? Or did you keep it? If you sold it, what are you going to do when you get back?

    • aus2007 says:

      We sold it, as we were assuming we weren’t returning. It took 6 months to sell, which I guess wasn’t terrible, given the market. I’d love to return to the same area, but it’s going to depend on where DH gets a job, so I can’t be too picky. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to rent for a bit when we make the move back, and then buy a place and move house again (though hopefully within the same area, so we won’t switch schools yet again). Not looking forward to the upheaval that’s going to cause, but we’ll just take it a step at a time.

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