• Go, USA!

    I’m not one for sports.  I’m too much of a girl…not a girly girl but just a plain Jane who’s just not into sports so I never really watched the Olympics before, until now.  After all these years of not watching the Olympics, I’m truly surprised that I’ve watched a fair bit of it but I guess there are reasons for everything.  First, there isn’t much on TV here and not many channels to choose from on TV if you don’t have AuStar (cable) so either watch some poor quality show or watch the Olympics.  Second, I’m an American living in Australia…from one powerhouse country to another…and both countries are in the Olympics and in many of the same competitions.  My hubby and in-laws are obviously cheering for Australia while I go for the US.  When the US isn’t competing I cheer for the other country who isn’t Australia just to bother MJ but secretly I’m going for Australia because of course this is where I live now and I love my Australian hubby and son.  Third, with someone like Michael Phelps representing the US who cannot get into the Olympics.  8 gold medals.  Amazing.

    You can check out the current medal tally on CNN’s website.

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