• My hubby is a revhead

    MJ loves cars. I mean, he LOVES cars. He loves them so much he knows a lot of useless crap about them. I’ll be fair…sometimes, just sometimes, the crap isn’t completely useless and he does know his way around a car and he’s able to play mechanic at times. Today we found out that our car needs to have its welsh plugs replaced. That was exactly what he said when he saw that the coolant was leaking. So he diagnosed the problem and explained the cure but unfortunately he can’t provide the treatment and we have to shell out $1200 to get those damn plugs replaced.

    Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent.

    racing cars crashingMJ loves his cars – especially fast ones that are part of the Holden Racing Team. So being the loving wife that I am, I got him tickets to see his favorite racing team as an early Christmas gift. I had hoped on surprising him but he was insisting on buying the tickets immediately so I had to fess up. He was so happy. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t seen him that emotional since LJ was born.

    So while he spoiled the surprise, it was still great to see him very excited…although why anyone would get excited about blurred cars just zooming past us is beyond me. Oh and did I mention I’m going as well? And did I also mention we have a 3 day pass? Fun. I have visions of drunk Australian rednecks spitting on the ground and scratching their balls. This is what marriage is about…putting up with your loved ones weird hobbies.

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