• Where’s my laptop?

    The past couple of weeks have been very busy and I have lots of things to write about. One of those things being that my laptop (that’s less than a year old) blew up. Well it didn’t technically blow up but it had a heart attack and died out of the blue. In the midst of updating LJs blog, my beloved HP laptop called it quits and no matter what MJ and I did to bring it back to life, it just wouldn’t. So MJ (being the wonderful man that he is plus the fact that he’s a shopaholic and a technaholic) ordered me a new laptop. Because of expenses , I made him promise that it’s an early, early Christmas gift – that way I don’t feel as guilty enjoying my beautiful new toy when it gets here. And until it gets here I can’t update everyone on what’s been going on with us as I’m usually forced to wait my turn to use the desktop and that’s usually for a quick email check. Hopefully I’ll have my laptop by the end of this week and I can start posting away!

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