• So gonna throw up

    We decided to take a road trip last Saturday to a National Park with an incredible tall mountain and breathtaking views.  So we got in the car with some snacks for the trip and headed out.  Then it began.  I started to get dizzy and nauseous.  I did a quick mental checklist of everything I had eaten to see which was the culprit of my icky feeling.  Then I realized, oh my God – I’m carsick!  I haven’t been carsick since I was about 12 years old!  It was awful.  I lowered the window and stuck my head out like an anxious dog but not even the cold wind on my face was taking the queasiness I was feeling away.  I was moments from hurling my KFC lunch when we finally arrived at Ben Lomond.  Unfortunately I was too sick to appreciate the magnificent mountain or the fact that we were at cloud level! 

    Nonetheless, if anyone is looking for a place to visit in Tasmania, Ben Lomond National Park seems like a good start – mind you, I wasn’t able to enjoy myself due to an impending sense of regurgitating doom but I might be interested in going again if I can drug myself up on Dramamine first.

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    • MamaKris says:

      Hey Y, do you think you might have had altitude sickness? They say people who are prone to carsickness are not necessarily prone to altitude sickness and vice-versa. I hear that LOTS of water is just about the only real preventative measure you can take.

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