• Makeshift furniture = chaotic home

    So we finally sold some major furniture items like our bedroom set, the kitchen table set, computer desk, and portable dishwasher – all to one person! (If we ever get homesick, we can go visit her and we can pretend we’re home!) It was awesome to get rid of a lot of things in one shot. But, now that those critical items are gone we’ve been having to make do with makeshift furniture.

    The kitchen is very bare with a huge empty area where our kitchen table and chairs, dishwasher, and microwave cart once stood. LJ has taken it upon himself to move his toys to that area thus claiming another part of the house. However, we do have, in the kitchen, LJ’s highchair and a computer chair where we sit to feed LJ’s breakfast, lunch, and snacks. For dinner, we alternate between going out to eat (because hubby refuses to wash dishes & pots every night) and eating home. When we eat at home, we bring the highchair out to the living room and MJ and I sit on the couch to eat our dinner. We have been turned into what I had never wanted to become – a couch potato family – hopefully just temporarily.

    The computer room (MJ’s playroom) is a disaster. I can’t even begin to describe the nightmare that my hubby has created in that room – so I just close the door and forget it even exists.

    In our bedroom, my nightstand is a Staples box with my tissue box, water bottle, and remotes on it. The clothes that were in the dressers (that we are keeping for now – mind you we have donated 4 large bags of clothing to the Lupus Foundation) are in baskets which makes getting dressed in the morning very difficult. I had to ask LJ to help mommy find underwear this morning as I couldn’t find any so he made it into a game by dumping out all the contents of the baskets. He had fun and I found underwear but then had to go through the ordeal of putting everything back. It’s funny how kids love to dump everything out but putting things back in isn’t as fun for them. MJ can’t find anything either so he’s constantly asking me to get him clothes but between you and me – MJ doesn’t even try. He sees the menacing piles of clothes and he regresses back to childhood and calls for his mommy = wife.

    Anyhow, our living arrangements at our house has become very raw and sometimes overwhelming. I know it’s only temporarily (I hope) but am I doing any irreparable damage to my toddler by living in this chaos….oh the worries of a neurotic mother.

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